Coolia hydronic radiant ceiling cooling system

Coolia hydronic radiant ceiling cooling system is a new, modern way to cool down a building. The system utilizes radiation technology already familiar from underfloor heating systems. As a result, the system is completely silent, draft-free and compact.

The Coolia mounting panel is a plasterboard element with a 10mm underfloor heating pipe installed into its grooves and with graphite enhanced EPS insulation glued on top. The board is installed in the same manner as normal plasterboard ceiling, and once installed; the surface is ready to be coated. Skimming, painting or spray plastering can be used as coating.

The cold energy needed for the Coolia ceiling cooling system can come from various diverse sources. If the site uses geothermal energy, the heat transfer fluid of the geothermal well can be used, or alternatively, district cooling can be applied, if the site is in a district cooling network area. In less populated areas, the water from, for instance, a borehole will be sufficient, or a separate cold water apparatus can also be used.

Warmia MyComfort control system

The Warmia MyComfort control system is intended for controlling both the Coolia ceiling cooling and the Warmia underfloor heating systems. The system has a single, touch-screen panel for adjusting temperature. Rooms will only have sensors which relay air temperature and relative humidity. The control system adjusts the temperature of the supply liquid flowing into the ceiling so that it remains below the dew point. If there is a risk of reaching the dew point, the room-specific control monitor will intervene and, if necessary, break the cycle. To make the system as easy as possible for the electrical contractor to wire, the central unit which comes with the system includes all the required relay technology to operate the controls.