Economical heating solution for a welcoming home

Reliable Warmia underfloor heating is an individually designed, carefree and affordable heating solution. The draft-free system generates even, constant heat, creating a welcoming foundation for comfortable living.

The most advanced underfloor heating solution on the market

The Warmia design, based on actual room-specific heat losses, enables a uniform temperature level throughout the property. Thanks to its controlled, even heat distribution, you will be able to set the room temperature 1-2 degrees lower than usual, resulting in a 5–15% saving on your heating bill.

Constant temperature all year round

The advanced, microprocessor controlled thermostat of the Warmia underfloor heating system reacts to changes in room temperature with a 0.1 °C accuracy.

The thermostat operates completely electronically, enabling ten times more accurate temperature adjustments than traditional mechanical thermostats.

Silent heating

Warmia underfloor heating systems have been designed to operate as silently as possible. The solutions adopted by Warmia prevent structural resonance and absorb impact sounds. The electronic thermostats of Warmia are likewise completely silent.


The Warmia room-specific design, patented RTS manifold solution and electronic thermostat allow the underfloor heating system to react quickly to fluctuations in temperature and to keep an even, uniform temperature throughout the property all year round.

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Coolia is a completely new hydronic radiant ceiling cooling system. This compact system is completely silent and it cools down a space without creating a draft.

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You will find Warmia and Coolia distributors all over Finland.