High quality, reliable heating and cooling solutions

Warmia provides the most reliable heating solutions on the market for apartment buildings, industrial facilities as well as for frost-free outdoor premises – with operational warranty of up to 10 years.

You can rely on Warmia

Warmia is a safe choice for your underfloor heating partner. Our unique systems are based on Warmia’s own product developmental designs and patented solutions. As a guarantee of our professional quality, we are able to offer, for example, a 30-year material warranty on our underfloor heating pipes.

You will also attain a 10-year operational warranty on our underfloor heating solutions if you allow Warmia authorized experts to handle the job. Our team of contractors will take care of the job professionally, quickly and exactly as planned.

Take advantage of Warmia’s expertise in underfloor heating solutions for apartment buildings

The apartment-specific design of Warmia, together with the right components for the specific purpose, enables accurate temperature adjustments for each individual apartment and guarantees both a quiet home and the desired temperature.

Warmia issues a 10-year operational warranty on underfloor heating systems in apartment buildings when the work is carried out by an apartment building specialist authorized by Warmia.

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Underfloor heating developed one step further

The low-frequency, penetrating step sounds and structural vibration noise, both of which have a significant impact on the occupants’ comfort, have been taken into account in the design of Warmia underfloor heating systems.

The Silent mounting board is Warmia’s solution to the impact sound requirements of the Finnish authorities. Its unique structure allows for lower intermediate floor solutions within the scope of the structural spans and overall design. This brings added cost savings to the developer and improves occupants’ comfort through improved impact sound levels.

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Snow-melt solutions for outdoor premises

The Warmia snow-melt system is a cost-effective way to keep areas, where traditional snow and ice damage prevention methods would not be practical, completely frost-free.

The Warmia snow-melt system design is always project-specific. The purpose, location-specific design conditions and the classification of the property or area will all have an impact on the overall design.

Warmia has implemented thousands of snow-melt solutions over the years.

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Heating for industrial premises

Warmia hydronic radiant underfloor heating is ideal for larger scale building projects. Warmia is an easy and cost effective heating solution developed particularly for large, open spaces, such as halls.

What is more, Warmia underfloor heating makes working at the floor level much more pleasant, as the heat emanating from the floor does not create a draft or circulate dust in the air.

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The Warmia room-specific design, patented RTS manifold solution and electronic thermostat allow the underfloor heating system to react quickly to fluctuations in temperature and to keep an even, uniform temperature throughout the property all year round.

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Coolia is a completely new hydronic radiant ceiling cooling system. This compact system is completely silent and it cools down a space without creating a draft.

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You will find Warmia and Coolia distributors all over Finland.