Public Areas and Industrial Halls


Warmia hydronic radiant underfloor heating is ideal for larger scale building projects. Public areas have large, open spaces which are easy and energy efficient to heat with underfloor heating.

The adaptability of spaces is greatly improved when the entire space is available for use and there are no space consuming radiator systems, etc. It is also more straightforward to change the intended use of different spaces when the temperature is highly controllable.

The popularity of hydronic radiant underfloor heating as the heating system for industrial halls has increased significantly. The heat emanating from the floor does not create a draft. Working at the floor level is more pleasant, and underfloor heating does not create dust circulation in the air. Choosing and changing into a new heat source in the future is also straightforward.

In halls, Warmia uses 20mm or 25mm pipe sizes. Piping is carried out by taking large doors and outer walls into account, in other words, pipe spacing is tighter in peripheral areas than in the middle of the floor.

Machines and tools to be fixed onto the floor should be taken into account when designing the underfloor heating. They can be fixed, for example, by bolting or welding them to metal rails installed onto the floor screed.