Underfloor heating components


The manifold supply and return water blocks used by Warmia are 1″ in size, ensuring sufficiently large flow characteristics even to the more demanding sites.

The manifold supply and return water blocks used by Warmia are 1″ in size, ensuring sufficiently large flow characteristics even to the more demanding sites.

The upper, supply water manifold is equipped with high precision control valves. The adjustment range of the valves is extensive (38 l/h – 888 l/h /10 kPa). This ensures that it is possible to achieve a uniform temperature even between very different spaces.

The circuit connections come with 3/4″ standard-external thread. This makes it easy to connect additional equipment to the manifold. The lower, return water manifold provides shut-off valves, which can be used to shut down individual circuits.

The manifolds also minimize the risk of leakages, as they are always supplied cut to length without connections between the blocks. The flow in the manifold is more efficient when the inner surface is smooth and straight. The handedness of the manifold is also easy to change, whereby the supply pipes can be connected to either the left or the right hand side.

The manifold has obtained a Europe-wide (EU) patent EP1482249. See the patent certificate here.
Certified EPDM sealing is used in the shut-off and balancing valve connections of the manifold. This speeds up installation and removes the risk of leakages.

Manifold mounting brackets

The manifold mounting brackets are equipped with sound absorption rubbers, so that possible resonance from the circulator pump to the manifold is not transmitted to the structures to create unpleasant structural noise. The manifold can be installed neatly into a cabinet or directly on the wall.

Supply pipe

The 5-layer Midi composite pipe pre-installed in a protective conduit is placed between the heat source and the manifold.

Bend formers

Bend formers ensure a neat installation and bend the pipe upwards from the floor without damaging the pipe.


Controlled by a thermostat, the actuator reacts by controlling the flow in the heating circuit. It is installed together with the shut-off valve, in place of a manual control knob. The actuator operates at voltages of 230V or 24V. It operates with wax and does not contain additional moving parts, making it more reliable when in use. Furthermore, the actuator has an IP54 rating, meaning that it is dust and water spray resistant.

Room-specific thermostat

he “thinking” microprocessor-controlled electronic thermostat used by Warmia reacts to changes in room temperatures with 0.1 °C accuracy aiming to keep the room temperature at the desired setpoint value.

The thermostat operates completely electronically, enabling ten times more accurate temperature adjustments than traditional mechanical thermostats. Moreover, the thermostat operates completely silently. The thermostat has an IP30 rating which means that it cannot be used in humid areas. Warmia thermostats are supplied with a 2-year warranty.

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Electronic floor sensor thermostat

The sensor in the floor sensor thermostat is 3m long and it is installed to measure the floor surface temperature from the desired location. A floor sensor thermostat can be used, for example, in a fireplace room with stone flooring. It is accurate to 0.1°C and completely silent.

Wireless thermostat

A wireless thermostat can be used in locations where traditional wiring is difficult to apply, e.g. at sites under redevelopment. It is completely electronic and accurate to 0.1°C.

Manifold cabinet

Metal manifold cabinet. Models: recessed and surface mounted. The Warmia cabinets allow the manifold height to be adjusted inside the cabinet. This makes the installation stage considerably easier.

Cabinet dimensions:

Surface mounted cabinetsRecessed cabinets
610/700/140 mm610/740/110 mm
910/700/140 mm910/740/110 mm


Bespoke products are available in the following widths (mm):
Surface mounted cabinets: 410, 510, 760, 1060, 1210, 1510
Recessed cabinets: 320, 410, 510, 760, 1060, 1210, 1510

5-Layer Midi INVERSE Composite Heat Pipe

All Warmia underfloor heating pipes come with a diffusion barrier which prevents oxygen from reaching the heating water, thus protecting the heat source from corrosion. The DIN Standard (DIN 16833/4721) requirement on pipe oxygen permeability is 0.10 g/m³/d.

The oxygen diffusion layer is coated with a protective primer and a layer of polyethylene. This provides enhanced protection against possible damage. A protective film helps keep the oxygen diffusion film intact.

Warmia underfloor heating pipes are issued a 30 year material warranty.

Warmia uses multiple pipe sizes to ensure that a suitable pipe size is always used for each heat loss level and location:
10.0 x 1.3 mm Residential building, redevelopment, thin floors
12.0 x 2.0 mm Residential building, plasterboard structure
14.0 x 2.0 mm Residential building, concrete floors
16.0 x 2.0 mm Residential building, concrete floors
20.0 x 2.0 mm Large halls, industrial premises, snow-melt systems
25.0 x 2.3 mm Supply pipe in a protective conduit, located between heat source and manifold
25.0 x 2.3 mm Snow-melt pipe, black, UV-protected, without oxygen diffusion barrier
32.0 x 3.0 mm Supply pipe in a protective conduit, located between heat source and manifold

The 5-layer Midi composite heat pipe complies with the DIN 16833 and DIN 4721 quality standards and it has been granted the universal European CE/ETA certificate 16/0033.

Control unit (not supplied as part of the Warmia order)

The control unit, controlled by the outdoor air sensor and the supply water sensor, and with the help of a mixing valve, provides supply water at the correct temperature to the manifolds.

Rough adjustment values:

Outdoor temperature °CSupply water °CSupply water °C, humid areas

Edging strip

Edging strips form thermal and acoustic insulation between the floor panels and the wall structure while allowing the thermal expansion of the floor boards. Moreover, the plastic slip in the edging strip prevents the floor panel edges from drying too quickly, thereby making the panels stronger.

Pipe clamp

The Finnish Warmia pipe clamp is new and it has been developed to respond to the requirements of the floor structures used in Finland.

In addition to holding the pipe firmly in place, the clamp lifts the reinforcement mesh sufficiently high so that the reinforcement mesh in the concrete slabs is at the optimum height. The clamps can be installed anywhere onto the mesh.

The pipe clamp has been found to be a very safe fixing method because the surface of the pipe is not subjected to tight, pitting impact such as when fixing with, for example, tie wire. A tie wire that has been tied too tightly can, at worst, damage the pipe, and therefore, cause water damage.


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